Pulaski County Commissioners Award Ambulance Bid

The purchase of a new ambulance was approved by the Pulaski County Commissioners Monday. They chose a $129,900 bid from Arrow Manufacturing out of Iowa, at the recommendation of EMS Director Brandon DeLorenzo. “That’s where we’ve gotten our last three,” he explained, “so all the parts that I keep on hand for them, the latches that always break, they’ll fit this truck, as well.”

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Pulaski EMS Director Looking to Reinstate On-Call Pay, Assistant Director Position

Pulaski County’s new EMS director is looking to make a few changes at the department. Brandon DeLorenzo told the county commissioners last week that he wants to bring back on-call pay. “We used to do on-call, and have somebody available on-call,” he explained. “We have a budget line item for that, but I don’t believe it’s in the pay matrix. I just wanted to get the process going on that.”

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Ambulance Bids, Bridge Contract to be Discussed During Pulaski County Commissioners Meeting

Pulaski County Commissioners: Mike McClure, Jerry Locke, Kenny Becker

Ambulance bids are expected to be discussed during this morning’s Pulaski County Commissioners meeting. The EMS Department had planned to purchase a truck this year. County officials have also been exploring the possibility of renting an ambulance or using a lease purchase agreement to spread out the payments.

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Pulaski County Commissioners to Hear from ‘Save the Courthouse’ Representative Tonight

The Pulaski County Commissioners will hear from a representative of the Save the Courthouse group tonight. The group formed after county officials unveiled a proposal last month to demolish the county’s 123-year-old courthouse and replace it with an addition to the Justice Center. At the time, Maintenance Director Jeff Johnston said the plan would address security and accessibility concerns, as well as a number of other issues, at about a third of the cost of renovating and expanding the existing courthouse.

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Pulaski County EMS Director to Step Down Friday, Interim Director Appointed

Pulaski County EMS Director Bryan Corn made his resignation official during Monday’s county commissioners meeting. “I did send you guys a letter,” he explained. “I’ll go ahead, and we’ll make it public. We’ll make it official. I will be resigning my position as the EMS director. That will be effective this coming Friday, December 7.”

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Pulaski County May Consider Lease Purchase Agreement for Next Ambulance


Financing options for a new ambulance were presented to the Pulaski County Commissioners last month. Angie Deming with Republic First National out of Rochester explained that the company specializes in lease purchase agreements. “Really, a lease purchase is no different than a loan,” she explained. “The only thing that makes this program different than a loan is that a loan is going to have a fixed term; regardless of what happens here at the county, you’re required to make the payment. However, with the lease purchase plan, it has a clause that’s called a non-appropriation clause in it.”

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Pulaski County EMS Seeks Construction Quotes for Winamac Ambulance Garage Expansion


Pulaski County Emergency Medical Services is seeking quotes for an addition to its Winamac ambulance garage. After having had a chance to review updated expansion plans from EMS Director Bryan Corn, the commissioners had no questions or issues with the proposal during last week’s meeting. They gave Corn the go-ahead to start seeking cost estimates. Continue reading

Pulaski Council to Consider Wage and Salary Revisions, Budget Transfers, Additional Appropriations

A shortfall in the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department’s overtime budget has the sheriff asking to move some money around. Sheriff Jeff Richwine told the county commissioners last week that he plans to transfer a total of $17,600 into his overtime budget. “Some of this is due to people not getting moved in the matrix in time, so we have to go back and do back pay, so that’s some of it,” he explained. “Some of it’s overtime.” Richwine said that money will come out of the Dispatch Salary, Equipment Repair, and Part-Time Cooks line items.

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Pulaski County Council Takes Steps to Make Donation Funds Available for EMS Department’s Use

After a couple left almost $30,000 to the Pulaski County EMS Department in their will, county officials are now taking steps to allow that money to be used. EMS Director Bryan Corn asked the county council this month to formally incorporate that money into his budget. “Just a little over a month ago, I believe, we received a check,” he explained. “It was a donation from the estate of a Henry and Alice Mooi. That total comes out to $29,901.71. That is strictly to be used for the EMS Department only, and that is strictly to be used for equipment for the EMS Department.”

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