Knox Community School Board Approves J.E.S.S.E. Reorganization

Gary Dulin, Jerry Fletcher, Harold Welter, Mary Lynn Ritchie, Kirk Bennett, Nathan Marcum, Mike Yankauskas, Superintendent A.J. Gappa

During the last Knox Community School Board meeting, Superintendent A.J. Gappa and Bob Wise from the J.E.S.S.E. Co-op presented the board with the J.E.S.S.E. reorganization recommendation that moves the organization from a Co-op to a Localized Educational Agency, or LEA. Gappa tells us what that information entails.

“That information includes students being where they’re going to be with as little transport as possible. Next year, most of the teachers will become employees of the local corporations instead of J.E.S.S.E. employees. The Board did approve, on their part, the reorganization. It also has to go to the other eight boards of the corporation members and we will move forward with that reorganization,” stated Gappa.

Plymouth School Corporation will remain the fiscal agent while Knox will be the main site for the Starke County schools. North Judson-San Pierre and Oregon-Davis will be in a group with Knox and can share services, if needed. The North Judson-San Pierre School Board has also approved the proposed recommendations.