WKVI Raises $200 for Hoosier Burn Camp

WKVI morning show host Tom Berg and sports director Nathan Welter answered their cold water challenge Thursday afternoon in the radio station parking lot. They were called out by news director Mary Perren to either donate $10 to the Hoosier Burn Camp and get wet or stay dry and write a $100 check. The guys decided to play along, so members of the Bass Lake Fire Department brought their dump tank to our parking lot and filled it with water. Several listeners also stopped by with extra ice and donations to really help the guys chill out. Another Step Forward Walking Challenge Coordinator Ryan Greer had also been called out previously, as had fire chief Les Jensen. They took the plunge as well. So did Knox High School Band Director Craige Phipps, who opted not to prolong his torture when Nathan called him out. WKVI raised $200 in donations for the Hoosier Burn Camp, thanks to the generosity of the listeners who donated and the staff for being such good sports.

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Move “Another Step Forward” During This Summer’s Walking Challenge


Starke County residents are encouraged to take “another step forward” this summer. That’s the name of the second annual “Moving Starke County Forward” walking challenge. Last year 250 residents collectively walked 27,000 miles between Memorial Day and Labor Day. That’s enough to lap the globe three times. This year’s goal is a more ambitious 50,000 miles. Coordinator Ryan Greer hopes 500 people will sign up. He adds miles don’t have to be earned by walking. Other types of physical activity like swimming, bicycle riding and jogging can also be logged toward the total. A kickoff event will take place Saturday, May 31 at 10 a.m. at Wythogen Park in Knox. If you can’t make it, registration sheets are available at local libraries, city and town halls and can be picked up throughout the summer. More information about this year’s walking challenge and other initiatives is also available on the Moving Starke County Forward Facebook page.

Starke County Residents Urged to Take “Another Step Forward”


Last year Starke County residents logged enough miles from Memorial Day to Labor Day to lap the globe three times as part of the Moving Starke County Forward Walking Challenge. This year they are encouraged to take “Another Step Forward.” Ryan Greer is heading up this year’s effort and has set a goal of walking a collective 50,000 miles as a county during the same time period. Last year’s original goal was 3,000 collective miles, which is the equivalent of a trek from the Statue of Liberty to the Golden Gate Bridge. That goal was quickly met and exceeded nine times over, with 27,000 total miles walked. Continue reading