Pulaski Drug Free Council May Have More Grant Funding Available than Expected

The Pulaski County Drug Free Council will be able to give out more grant funding this year than previously thought. Drug Free Council Member Sandy Lucas told the county council Monday that the group had budgeted $8,000 for the year. But she said according to the auditor, the fund has actually collected almost $13,500 in substance offense fees over the past year.

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Pulaski County Council to Reorganize, Consider Budget Transfers Tonight

Pulaski County Council: back row: Mike Tiede, Kathi Thompson, Brian Young; front row: Scott Hinkle, Rudy DeSabatine, Jay Sullivan (not pictured: Ken Boswell)

The Pulaski County Council will reorganize for 2020 when members meet tonight. In addition to choosing a president and vice-president, council members will also appoint a representative to the Kankakee-Iroquois Regional Planning Commission.

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