Architects Finalizing Plans for Knox Schools Building Project

Duane Dart with architecture firm Schmidt Associates gives Knox School Board members an update on building plans.

Architects continue refining plans for Knox Community Schools’ upcoming $20 million building project. Duane Dart with Schmidt Associates told the school board last week that drawings were being completed and a final “room-by-room” analysis was planned for last Friday.

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No Major Concerns Voiced with Knox Schools’ Building Plans during Informational Meeting

Tom Neff with architectural firm Schmidt Associates discusses Knox Schools’ proposed building project during an informational meeting Monday.

No major concerns were raised during a public presentation on the Knox Community School Corporation’s proposed building project Monday. Current plans call for the demolition of the elementary school’s Palmer Wing, and the construction of a new addition extending south from the newer portion of the school.

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Knox School Board to Review Recommendations of Facilities Task Force Tonight

The Knox School Board will continue to discuss potential facility upgrades during a work session tonight. Representatives from architectural firm Schmidt Associates will share the results of the findings of a community task force. The group met five times between December and March to review the existing facilities and determine some goals for the future.

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Knox School Board Considers Potential Locations for New Electronic Message Board

Knox School Superintendent Dr. William Reichhart presents rendering of proposed electronic message board to school board members

The Knox School Board has decided to hold off on the purchase of an electronic message board until firmer plans are in place for a potential building project. During a recent meeting, Superintendent Dr. William Reichhart said possible changes to the corporation’s facilities, including the potential demolition of part of the elementary school, have caused him to rethink the sign’s location.

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Role of Knox Schools’ Community Task Force Discussed by Schmidt Associate Reps

As facility upgrade talks continue at the Knox Community School Corporation, the next major step in the process will involve putting community members in the driver’s seat of discussions.

Thomas Neff and Eric Wolf, representatives of the architecture and engineering firm Schmidt Associates, came before Knox School Board members Wednesday evening to go over the vital role that the school corporation’s community task force will play in this process. Continue reading

Knox School Board to Get Update on Planning Process for Potential Building Improvements Tonight

Discussions continue at Knox Community Schools over a potential building project. Back in September, the school board hired architectural firm Schmidt Associates to develop plans for future construction, after the firm had previously completed a facilities study for the corporation. Representatives will give an update to the school board, during a work session tonight at 6:00 at the Knox Schools Administrative Office.

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Knox School Board Hires Architect to Develop Plans for Future Facility Upgrades

The Knox Community School Corporation is moving ahead with exploring possible facility improvements. On Tuesday, the school board voted to hire architectural firm Schmidt Associates to develop plans for future construction. The firm recently completed a facilities study for the corporation, and board members felt it made sense to stick with the same company.

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Hypothetical Reconfiguration of Knox Schools Presented by Schmidt Associates

A recent study of the facilities included in the Knox Community School Corporation revealed that some changes will need to be made to the buildings in order to optimize space utilization and site effectiveness.

When Schmidt Associates’ representative Tom Neff discussed the results of the facility assessment with Knox School officials on Monday, he suggested some potential next steps to take.

One thing Neff highlighted was the need to get the most out of an investment. He noted that spending money on outdated components that require continuous maintenance and upkeep wouldn’t be as beneficial as investing in a more permanent fix. Continue reading

Recap of Facility Assessment Provided to Knox School Officials

The findings from a facility assessment that was recently conducted by the firm Schmidt Associates was presented to Knox school officials during a work session Monday night.

Several representatives from the company were present and Firm Principal Tom Neff provided the assessment recap to the school board members, administrators and other officials in attendance.

Neff explained that their assessments identify the deficiencies in each of the buildings and assigns a value so they can be ranked according to priority. Continue reading

Knox Fifth Grade Class May Be Moving to Middle School

The Knox Community School Corporation is looking into moving the fifth grade from the elementary school to the middle school. “There is a rumor going around that fifth grade is moving, possibly, to the middle school, and I want to say that yes, that rumor is true,” Superintendent Dr. William Reichhart told the school board Tuesday. “We have lots of rumors that go around and that one we are looking at, based upon our facilities study by Schmidt.”

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