Unemployment Increases in Starke, Surrounding Counties


The unemployment rate in Starke County increased slightly in November. Starke County rose to 6.9 percent which ranks the county 11th in the state. The rate in October was 6.1 percent.

Pulaski County remains the lowest in the area in terms of unemployment at 4.9 percent which ranks the county 82nd in the state. Marshall County comes in at 5.7 percent, Fulton County at 5.9 percent, St. Joseph County and Porter County at 6.3 percent and LaPorte County is at 7.5 percent unemployment.

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Unemployment Rate Continues to Decrease


The unemployment rate in Starke County dropped another two-tenths of a percent in August to 6.3 percent which ranks the county 16th in the state.

Pulaski County reported the same type of drop. The county stands at 4.2 percent in terms of unemployment which ranks the county 87th in the state. Marshall County reported a rate of 5.2 percent, LaPorte County had 7.0 percent, Fulton County had 5.4 percent , St. Joseph County had 6.4 percent while Porter County had 5.9 percent.

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Unemployment Numbers Drop in Starke County


The unemployment numbers for Starke County continue to decrease.

Ron Gifford from the Starke County Economic Development Foundation said the numbers have been quite encouraging.

“Since January of this year, we’ve seen our labor force grow by almost three hundred more people out there actively seeking a position,” said Gifford. “There’s almost five hundred more people employed than there were in January and the ranks of our unemployed have depleted down by about 180. They’re actually finding jobs and the people that had been out of the job market for some period of time apparently are coming back to it.”

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Unemployment Numbers Down in the State


Unemployment numbers went down in March, according to statistics released by the Indiana Department of Workforce Development.

Over the past year, the state’s unemployment rate declined two percent which is the third largest decrease in the nation.

Starke County’s unemployment rate fell one point to 8.2 percent from February’s rate, while the state’s rate fell .2 percent to 5.9 percent.

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Starke County Unemployment Grows Slightly


Starke County’s unemployment numbers rose in February to 9.1 percent which now ranks the county 8th in the state.

The state rate is 6.1 percent which is down .3 percent for February.

Eighty-seven counties rose in unemployment in February, including all of the surrounding counties. Pulaski County was up .4 percent to 6.2 percent unemployment, Marshall County rose to 7.2 percent and LaPorte County rose to 9.4 percent and is now ranked third in the state in terms of unemployment.

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State Decreases Overall in Unemployment Numbers, Local Counties Increase

Eighty-two Indiana counties increased in unemployment numbers in January 2014.

Starke County is still ranked 10th in the state with 8.5 percent unemployment which is an increase of 0.7 percent from December. All surrounding counties increased in unemployment. Pulaski County’s unemployment number rose to 6 percent, Marshall County up to 7.1 percent, LaPorte County up to 9 percent, Fulton County sits at 8.8 percent, St. Joseph County is at 7.3 percent and Porter County is at 7.1 percent.

Despite the numbers, the state led the nation in manufacturing jobs added in January with 4,600 and ranks second in the rate of growth for January. Indiana also is second in the nation in jobs added over the past year with 13,800 and 6th in rate of growth over the past year.

Overall, Indiana had an unemployment drop of 0.4 percent.

Unemployment Report Released for August

The unemployment rate in Starke County has dropped by one percentage point, according to the unemployment report released for August. Starke County’s unemployment rate is now at 8.8 percent, ranking 14th in the state but still 0.7 percentage points higher than the state’s unemployment rate and 1.5 percentage points higher than that of the nation.

Pulaski County dropped by 0.8 percentage points, ranking 79th in the state at 6.2 percent. Marshall County came in at 7.7 percent, having dropped by 0.6 percentage points, ranking 36th. LaPorte County came in at 9.1 percent, dropping 0.8 percent, ranking 10th. Fulton County dropped 0.6 percentage points for 7.9 percent and ranking 33rd. St. Joseph County also dropped 0.8 percent, ranking 11th at 9 percent, and Porter County came in at 7.6 percent, dropping 0.6 percentage points for 37th.

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Unemployment Report Released for February

According to the recently released unemployment report for February 2013, the unemployment rate in Starke County and all its surrounding counties decreased since January. Starke County’s rate dropped by 0.1 percent, giving the county the sixth highest unemployment rate in the state.

Meanwhile, Pulaski County’s unemployment rate dropped 0.3 percent to 8.1 percent, ranking them the 76th highest county for unemployment; Marshall County dropped by 0.6 percent to 9.7 percent, ranking them 43rd; LaPorte County’s rate remained at 12 percent for a rank of eighth highest; Fulton County’s rate dropped by 0.2 percent to 10.3 percent, ranking them 33rd; St. Joseph County also dropped by 0.2 percent to 10.6 percent for 28th place; and Porter County dropped by 0.3 percent to 9 percent, making them the 57th highest county for unemployment.

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State Unemployment Rate Down, First Time Since April

Though Indiana’s unemployment rate dropped for the first time since April, the state lost several thousand jobs last month. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, September’s state jobless rate was 8.2 percent, down 0.1 percent from August. Despite that drop, however, Indiana lost 6000 private sector jobs last month, the first significant drop in almost a year.

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Employment Grows In Indiana; DWD Says Federal Numbers Don’t Add Up

Hoosier employers have continued to grow their workforces for the tenth month in a row, once again adding jobs in Indiana to the tune of 7200 private sector jobs. The rate of job growth in Indiana triped the national average of 0.1 percent, and since July 2009, the low point of employment, Indiana has added more than 150,000 private sector jobs.

The areas with the most significant gains for the month of August were Private Educational and Health Services with 5200 jobs added and Construction with 2200 jobs added.

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