Digital Message Board for the City of Knox to be Installed Soon

As motorists pass through the gates of Knox today they may notice a minor addition. However, over the next week or so they can expect to see a major one.

Mayor Dennis Estok told council members last night that work has begun at the site where the new message board will be installed. The footer has been poured and the pole has been placed. The remainder of the sign anticipated to be erected by Friday. Continue reading

Reminder That Work Will Start Today on US 35 Railroad Crossing in Knox

Motorists are reminded that work will begin today on the US 35 railroad crossing in Knox. The Mayor’s Office recently issued a press release to alert residents that Norfolk Southern will be closing the crossing for repairs and maintenance.

This closure will be in effect beginning today, Monday, April 23rd at 8 a.m. Depending on weather conditions, the crossing is anticipated to re-open on Thursday, May 3rd at 5 p.m. Continue reading