News from the Winamac Town Board

Winamac Town Hall

At their recent meeting, the Winamac Town Board members approved the salary ordinances for employees and elected officials. A one-and-a-half percent increase was approved.

Brad Zellers, Wastewater Superintendent, told the Board members that the lack of grass sitting in the streets has made a difference. Earlier this year, the Town Board was concerned about how the clippings were clogging the sewer system, especially during rain events. Zellers said he will be able to determine the true success of that change in the Spring when he and his staff vactor the sewer lines. Zellers reported to the Board that they been repairing several small pumps and will start on building improvements in the remaining portion of the pole building this winter.

Park Manager, Don Thompson, told the Board that he recently cut down two trees at the Winamac Town Park as they were ruined by beavers. Thompson also reported that he has closed the back part of the Park due to vehicle damage. The gate at the artesian well entrance has been locked.