Winamac Park Board Considers Landscaping Improvements at Fairground Entrance

Entrance to the Pulaski County Fairgrounds (Winamac Park Board photo)

The Winamac Park Board continues discussing ways to spruce up the entrance to the fairgrounds in the back of the Town Park. During this month’s meeting, Park Board President Jon Chapman noted that the short wooden posts surrounding the circular landscaped island where the sign is located are rotting. He proposed making that area smaller, but replacing the wooden posts with a concrete curb.

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Winamac Park Board Continues Planning for ‘Swinging Bridge’ Improvements

The Winamac Park Board continues planning to prepare the Town Park’s “swinging bridge” for its centennial. A rededication ceremony and the installation of a decorative lighting feature have been proposed for 2023. But first, Park Board President Jon Chapman wants to address some of the items that came up in a recent bridge inspection.

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Winamac Memorial Bridge Lighting Efforts Gaining Momentum

Efforts to add decorative lighting to the Winamac Town Park’s Memorial Bridge are drawing community support. Project organizer Greg Henry told the Winamac Park Board Thursday that he’s already heard from people interested in donating. “It’s kind of a big project, much bigger than I anticipated at first,” Henry said. “But it’s going in the right direction.”

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