Starke County Commissioners Discuss Snow Days and Pay for County Employees

Starke County Commissioners ( L to R ) Kathy Norem, Dan Bridegroom, Jennifer Davis

On December 13th, Starke County had a level one snow emergency, prompting the County Commissioners to close the Courthouse. That brought up the question of “should employees be paid when the courthouse is closed?”

It was noted that no policy is in place to address this question. At the last Commissioners meeting, it was decided to pay the employees for that day, but in the future, “snow days” must be used as a vacation day, or a non-paid day. Sick days cannot be used for this type of situation.

Tuesday, December 14th, was a different situation. On that day the courthouse was open, but the state of emergency was still in effect. Employees feeling that it was too dangerous to go in that day, must use a vacation day to get paid.