Starke County Jury Finds Loftus, Jr. Guilty on Four out of Five Counts

John Loftus, Jr.

A jury found John Loftus, Jr. Guilty on four out of five charges against him in a trial this week in Starke Circuit Court. The jury deliberated nearly an hour-an-a-half. The trial lasted nearly two days.

Loftus, Jr. was found Guilty on the following charges: Domestic Battery with a Child Present, a Class D Felony; Resisting Law Enforcement, a Class A Misdemeanor; Battery, a Class A Misdemeanor; and Battery, a Class B Misdemeanor. He was found Not Guilty on a charge of Attempted Robbery, a Class C Felony.

The jury found that Loftus, Jr. did, on August 19th, throw Joanna Elder down to the ground and drug her across the ground and sidewalk in the presence of her children. When Officer Jeremiah Patrick was trying to place Loftus Jr. in custody, he resisted.

Starke Circuit Court Judge Kim Hall will sentence Loftus, Jr. on Thursday, January 13th, at 10:00 a.m. CT.