Special Swearing-In Ceremony Held in Starke Circuit Court Wednesday Evening

Judge Kim Hall, John M. Acosta, Bryan Cavender, Leslie A. Baker, Roy McCray, Rachel Milner Oesterreich, David Pearman, Mandy Thomason, Jack Rosa, Bernadette Welter Manuel, Bill Dulin, Robert Olejniczak and Howard Bailey

In an unprecedented ceremony, Starke Circuit Court Judge Kim Hall invited all elected officials, regardless of party, to be sworn into office Wednesday evening.

Judge Hall mentioned that while serving in his position at the Starke County Courthouse for more than three decades, he’s never witnessed a swearing-in ceremony where democrats and republicans were recognized simultaneously. Continue reading

Railroad Township Volunteer Fire Department Back in Service


Railroad Township Volunteer Firefighters are apparently back on the job. At about 7:30 Thursday evening, Fire Chief Trask Darabaris told WKVI News that the department was back in service, after questions about insurance coverage were resolved. He said the reason his department had temporarily stopped responding to calls was that firefighters did not know which members were covered by the township’s insurance and which were not, if someone were to be injured while on a call.

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Edward Blackburn Gets Maximum Sentence for Colgrove Murder

Edward Blackburn

Edward Blackburn has been given the maximum allowable sentence of 65 years in prison for the murder of Cord Colgrove. During Friday’s sentencing hearing, Starke Circuit Court Judge Kim Hall noted a number of aggravating factors, including a criminal history with multiple felonies and misdemeanors. Hall also pointed out that Blackburn was on probation for a felony count of wire fraud, and as part of that, was legally barred from owning a firearm, when he shot and killed Colgrove in March of 2017.

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