State Representative Nancy Dembowski to Present Time Zone Bill

State Representative Nancy Denbowski

The Hoosier state going into one time zone! Well now that we have your attention, we might say the chances of that happening anytime soon are slim to none. Don’t think for a minute that Governor Mitch Daniels wants the legislature to spend any time on that issue again.

Because her District is split right down the middle, State Representative Nancy Dembowski (D-Knox) is going on a bill with Representative Hinkle of Indianapolis to bring up that proposal again.

“He personally believes that geographically, Indiana should be in the Central Time Zone,” stated Dembowski. “I’ve tried several different avenues and tried to get something done with the time issue because it’s very important to the people in my District. I haven’t been particularly successful with it and I seriously don’t know that this one will but it’s still an issue I think the General Assembly needs to realize that it’s still important to many districts.”

Dembowski said “it’s the issue that just won’t go away”. She mentioned that when out campaigning, it was always brought up by constituents.

“You don’t hear people express a real preference between one time or the other, whether it’s Eastern or Central. They just want everyone on the same time, regardless of what it would be.”

No, it’s not going to happen. The state legislators don’t want to step into the time issue again. But we can dream of the day the state is on one time, either Central or Eastern.