Two Knox Students Share Unique English Class Project with School Board

Chelsea Whitcraft, Julianna Richie and Mrs. Matysak present the Board with the Facebook project

The Knox Community School Board recognized two students who completed a unique class project over the Christmas holiday for Mrs. Matysak’s class.

“The class had read the Shakespeare story of Macbeth and to do a project to keep up with modern times and technology, two of our students, Chelsea Whitcraft and Julianna Richey had taken characters from Macbeth and placed them on Facebook,” explained

Superintendent, A.J. Gappa.  “They did a fantastic job of reporting on their project which goes to show you that with modern technology, the face of education is changing.  These are the types of activities that make it really difficult to measure on a multiple choice test.  You don’t get to see the special effort and the unique innovations that these students put into this project.  The Board really enjoyed seeing this presentation and the use of modern technology in the classroom.”