Knox School Board to Consider Superintendent Recommendation

The Knox Community School Board will consider a recommendation for a new superintendent when they meet tonight.

The board held a public hearing on the superintendent’s contract last week where only one comment was received concerning the lack of the action of a rollover with the contract. The board will also approve that contract tonight during their regularly scheduled meeting.

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Public Hearing Tonight on Knox Superintendent Contract

The Knox Community School Board will hear public comment on the new school superintendent’s contract tonight.

The basic salary will be $108,000 for each year beginning in 2017 and ending in 2020. The board’s cost of health, vision and dental insurance will be $23,437 and that number is dependent on renewal rates each year. The board’s cost of long-term disability insurance is $353 while the cost of term life insurance is $468. Those amounts are also dependent on renewal rates each year of the superintendent’s contract. The board’s costs for tax sheltered annuity will be $18,840 and the required cost for Social Security is $8,262.

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Knox School Board Discusses Mini Bus Purchase

Preschool children attending Knox schools will have a safer bus ride.

The Knox Community School Board approved the purchase of two mini buses that have seats with lap belts and shoulder harnesses. The state will require this proper safety equipment in buses transporting preschool children beginning in January 2018, according to Transportation Director Mark Jensen.

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Knox Community School Board Educated on eLearning

The Knox Community School Corporation will incorporate eLearning in the next school year. This will be an opportunity for students to be able to keep the stream of learning ongoing even if there is a day of school canceled due to inclement weather.

Director of Curriculum and Instruction Peggy Shidaker informed the board that the administrative team has put together plans for students to participate in an eLearning day.
She explained that the students will know what is expected of them on an eLearning day.
Learning targets will be posted online by 9 a.m. on a canceled day and by 10 a.m. on a delay day. Shidaker said students will be expected to cover content that would have been addressed if school had been in session for the day. Lessons will be a continuation of what’s been happening in the classroom.

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Knox School Board Agenda Includes Plans for Next Year

The Knox Community School Board members will have a full agenda when they meet in regular session tonight.

The board will approve the registration dates and times as well at the student and faculty handbooks for the upcoming school year. The board will also consider renewing a contract with The Crossing alternative school and they will be given an update on eLearning.

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Knox School Board Approves HVAC Repairs

Knox Community School Corporation logoThings got a bit warm in some areas of Knox High School, recently.

That’s why Knox School Board members on Monday agreed to use Rainy Day funds to update some of the HVAC units at the school building. The air conditioning units are reaching the end of their normal life, about 15 years, causing some interruptions in cooling at the building. Continue reading

Knox School Board Tours New Elementary Cafeteria

Knox-School-Board-2014The newly completed Knox Elementary School cafeteria and cooking kitchen were a focus of last night’s meeting of the School Board. The board meeting was held in the cafeteria itself. Tours of the cooking kitchen were given by Superintendent A.J. Gappa. He reported the elementary building project is near completion. The new lunch facility has a seating capacity of about 150 students. The school’s enrollment of 450 eat there daily in three shifts. Continue reading