WKVI’s Anita Goodan Bowls 225 Game

Tom Berg reluctantly gives up his top bowler "trophy" to Anita Goodan.

WKVI’s Anita Goodan has reached the top of the leaderboard in the WKVI Bowling Standings after she bowled a 225 Thursday night, beating WKVI’s Tom Berg’s game of 224. The station “trophy” for the highest game bowled in a season by a WKVI bowler was moved into her office early Friday morning.

Bobbie Hoover, a bowler on the Thursday Night Ladies WKVI bowling team, had an excellent showing with a 227, 231 and 181, giving her a 639 scratch series. Glenna Hahn and Valda Wielgos also had a great night contributing a 414 and 415 scratch series, respectively.

All in all, it was a good night for the WKVI ladies bowling team on Thursday night.