Susanne Lange Discusses More Services of Bella Vita

Susanne Lange

Yesterday we told you about a pregnancy resource center that will be opening soon in a home that was originally owned by Francis Myers in the 200 block of Heaton Street in Knox. The center is scheduled to be opening on March 15. It will be called Bella Vita and is a pro-life center that is opening primarily to help women carry their babies to term.

Susanne Lange, a registered nurse, will be the administrator of the new center.

Susanne was asked what advise she would give a woman in her 40’s who has become unexpectantly pregnant and doesn’t feel she wants to carry the baby to term.

“We’re going to give her whatever resources she needs to feel comfortable raising that child,” explained Lange. “We have a lot of churches in the community that are anxiously waiting to support a family. If it’s a financial concern, churches want to take in a family and shower them with love and support. Whatever it is that they need, they’re going to get it from these churches and the supporting people.”

What about the 14 or 15 year old girl who becomes pregnant and doesn’t want to carry to term?

“At that point, I think an adoption conversation would certainly come into play and we would bring in an adopting agency if she’s interested in speaking with them and refer her that way.”

Bella Vita is already making contact with pregnant children and women. If you would like to talk with Susanne, call 772-2877 or (708) 903-0894.