Teams Needed for Junior Achievement Bowl-a-Thon

The Starke-Pulaski Junior Achievement Organization is gearing up for a night of bowling at Bowlaway Lanes in Knox. This is the first of what is hoped to be an annual fund-raising event, and it will be held Wednesday night, February 23rd.

Each County is organizing teams to bowl.

“We’ve created sort of a rivalry between Starke and Pulaski Counties and we are looking to put together 12 teams for Starke County and 12 teams for Pulaski County,” said Bridget Markin, President of the Starke County Junior Achievement Board. “Currently, Pulaski County is in the lead so we’re looking for Starke County to pick it up. In order to put a team together, there’s a $25 registration fee and a team consists of five members. We’re asking for each team member to raise pledges of $70.”

Niki Clemons is the area coordinator for both counties and she tells us what the money raised will be used for.

“It goes directly to Junior Achievement in each individual county,” Clemons explained. “For example, all money raised in Starke County stays in Starke County and it pays for the programs in the schools. We reach elementary, middle and high school students but we provide the materials for the volunteers. We train the volunteers. They have activities that they use with the materials. They play games so they can learn about budgeting and stuff like that, but they do it in a fun way.”

Junior Achievement’s focus is teaching students about the American Free Enterprise System. It reaches 1,300 students in Starke County and 1,000 in Pulaski County.

To enter a team, each member commits to collect $70 and for each team with a full compliment of bowlers who raised the minimum of $350, Junior Achievement will provide a pizza and beverage of their choice. For more information, or to enter a team call (574) 946-0813. WKVI has both a women’s and men’s team entered. 12 teams are needed from both counties. Currently Starke has 5 teams, and Pulaski 8.