Fishing Season is Underway

Do you have your boat dusted off for the fishing season? Conservation Officer, Keith Wildeman, says many people are doing just that.

“A number of folks have been hitting Bass Lake and Koontz Lakes and the rivers,” said Wildeman. “Right now is a popular time for Walleye and Northern Pike fishing on the rivers. I’d like to remind folks to check the regulations. Regulations are available free of charge at most license vendors. Fishing licenses, up until March 31st, still require a 2010 fishing license as they are valid from April 1st to March 31st. Starting April 1st, the 2011 licenses are what folks are required.”

Officer Wildeman also encourages those who see poaching activities to report those activities to the Turn in a Poacher Hotline with the Indiana Department of Natural Resources:

“The number for that is 1-800-TIP-IDNR. It’s Turn in a Poacher-Indiana Department of Natural Resources. If you suspect some suspicious activity with hunting or fishing, folks might not be up to ethical practices, give us a call and we can investigate it. There’s also a website and you can do it anonymously. They do have the capability now to accept a text complaints. It is completely anonymous and there are rewards offered up to $200 if an arrest is made on a certain individual on a complaint we were given.”