Indiana Democrats Remain in Illnois

State Representative Nancy Dembowski

Saying they’re not being “spoiled sports” the Indiana House Democrats are still in Urbana, Illinois asking their Republican counterparts to negotiate on some of the bills they feel strongly about. 17th District State Representative Nancy Dembowski (D-Knox) said yesterday that by staying away, the Democrats hope to slow the process down and to give the public a chance to look into some of these bills. Dembowski said she didn’t think the Republicans ran on some of the agenda items they are trying to pass.

“We’re not running away, we’re just fighting back,” said Dembowski. “We’re just trying to get some time for people to understand what some of these issues are. As I said before, it shouldn’t come as a surprise I’ve said all along I’ve stood for working class families and basically, right-to-work is pretty much off the table but there are a couple of individual bills that do the same thing.”

Dembowski said the Democrats feel the Republican bills being ushered through would hurt public education and public school teachers.

“Party line aside, I just personally believe that teachers are the front line of shaping our kids’ future and I’m going to continue to stand there with them as long as it takes.”