Koontz Lake Residents Responsible for Sewer Hookups; Septic Fills once Sewer Plant is Functioning

Paul Warnke

The Koontz Lake sewer facilty is being constructed and should be finished in mid-2012. Paul Warnke from the Koontz Lake Sewer District was asked what the residents and business owners will be responsible for once the plant is complete.

“Homeowners and business owners do not have what is often called a connection fee or tap charge; however, they are responsible, physically and financially, for the pumping of their septic tanks, filling the septic tank with fill and then connecting a three or four inch line from their home to the grinder pump,” Warnke explained. “That is their responsibility and their sole responsibility.”

Warnke was asked if a technician will be in charge of the clean water plant.

“The type of plant that we’re using does not require people on-hand 24 hours day,” he said. “Through telemetry, an operator can keep tabs on what’s going on there and the operators will be stopping in on a daily or every other day basis to take samples and prove that the plant is working. We will have a contracted operator who will be responsible for that system and if a difficulty should arise, the residents can call and a technician can come out and repair or replace a pump if necessary.”