State Representative Nancy Dembowski Gives Update from Illinois

State Representative Nancy Dembowski

WKVI radio checked in yesterday with Representative Nancy Dembowski, who has been holed up in the Comfort Inn in Urbana, Illinois.

The Representative, along with others in the Democrat House, have been in Urbana since last Tuesday, February 22nd. Their action has closed down work at the House on bills the Democrats oppose.

Dembowski was quick to refute an off-the-cuff comment attributed to Governor Mitch Daniels that while the Republicans were working, the Democrats were enjoying sessions in a “hot tub.”

“First of all, I’d like to dispel some of the things that are being said regardless of what the Governor says,” stated Dembowski. “We are not sitting in hot tubs. If there is a hot tub here, I’ve yet to see it. We’re meeting constantly and working in caucus and we’re really hoping for the ability to make some compromises and to be able to meet together. The very thing that has been a benefit during this period of time is that I’m hopeful that the people in the 17th District has been better able to understand some of the legislation that is being put forth.”

While many around the state are calling the Democrat’s actions disgraceful, Dembowski said her e-mails are running 60-40 in favor.

“In the beginning I didn’t get a whole lot of them because things were really plugged up in the system. Obviously, there are people who disagree with my actions, but I would say they’re in the 60 to 40 range.”

Dembowski said there are problems when you unexpectedly flee the state.

“interestingly enough, there are things that you don’t think of…we certainly we’re prepared for this,” she explained. “Medications and prescriptions, you begin to run out of those things. Thank goodness for the ability to be able to do that where ever you are. There is a laundry here so we have spent some time doing our laundry and some of us have had to go out and buy a few other things that we didn’t have with us.”