Another Flooding Incident at the Knox Wastewater Treatment Plant is Not Likely

Kelly Clemons

Flood watches remain for several area rivers, including the Yellow River in Knox that flows through Wythogan Park and by the Wastewater Treatment Plant. When the river reached a flood stage of 12 feet one year, the Treatment Plant had flooding issues. Wastewater Superintendent, Kelly Clemons, explained the situation that occurred at the plant at that time:

“The river water and the effluent from the plant was overflowing the structure wall and we were retreating water, plus treating river water, as well as raw sewage coming in. That was creating an excess on the plant,” said Clemons.

Clemons was asked if it could occur again if the conditions are favorable for flooding.

“It’s a possibility if the river exceeds its banks. Last year, when he had construction going on here at the Treatment Plant, the contractors installed a tide-flex back flow preventer and that’s going to keep the river from backing up into the Treatment Plant, which was the biggest issue that we had. They also raised a wall in our influent/effluent structure and that’ll also help. Right now, I don’t think we’re going to have a problem.”