Small Town Kindness Embodied in Recent Donation to the Washington Township Volunteer Fire Department

Assistant Chief Dave Pearman, Melba Shilling and Rick McCann

A 1970 American LaFrance Aero Chief Fire Truck that made its way from Stark County, Ohio to Starke County, Indiana has a new home at the Washington Township Volunteer Fire Department thanks to a local donor.

The truck has a boom that extends up to 90 feet and is fully functional. Assistant Fire Chief Dave Pearman said department officials are extremely grateful to Melba Shilling for providing this donation. Continue reading

Knox City Council Approves Final Version of 5-Year Parks Master Plan

Troyer Group Architect Mike Reese

A public hearing over the final version of 5-Year Parks Master Plan was held prior to last Thursday’s Knox City Council meeting.

Troyer Group Landscape Architect Mike Reese led the public hearing. During this process, he’s been coordinating with city officials and gathering public input about Heritage Park, Sandy Acres, Wythogan Park and potential new park. Continue reading

Wythogan Skate Park Discussed at Park Plan Public Hearing & Knox Park Board Meeting

The Wythogan Skate Park, which is currently closed and in need of repairs, was discussed during last Monday’s park plan public hearing as well as the regular Knox Park Board meeting.

During the public hearing for the 5-year Master Plan for Knox Parks, Architect Mike Reese with the Troyer Group mentioned the conditions of the skate park, saying that much of the equipment and materials are damaged and in need of upgrades. He said, judging from survey results, Knox residents were in favor of renovating the skate park rather than removing it. Continue reading

Park Superintendent One of Nearly 20 Knox Residents Who Reported Spray Painting Last Weekend

Park Superintendent George Byer told members about a recent string of spray-painting related vandalism that has been reported in various places around the city, including Wythogan Park.

Byer said he spotted a blue can of spray paint on a picnic table while doing a run through of the park on Saturday.

However, due to the high waters, he didn’t get a chance to investigate the scene until Sunday morning. Though the graffiti he found was reportedly small and easily fixed, he said while discussing the incident with police he learned the park wasn’t the only place that was hit. Continue reading

Wythogan, Heritage, Sandy Acres and Potential New Park Discussed During Public Hearing

Several community members, as well as a few city officials, sat in during Monday night’s public hearing for the Knox Parks 5-Year Master Plan.

Architect Mike Reese with the Troyer Group explained that a draft master plan was written up with suggestions from the initial public hearing, the stakeholder meetings, the community survey and recommendations from the DNR. Continue reading

Volunteers Needed for Knox Event Planning Committee

Knox Mayor Dennis Estok is searching for community members who want to help out with this year’s special city events.

The first 2018 meeting of the Knox Event Planning Committee will be held tonight at 6 p.m. in the Nancy J. Dembowski Community Center. Mayor Estok said the meeting is open to the public and anyone looking to get more involved in the community is asked to come. Continue reading

Knox Park Board Approves Requests for Summer Concession Stand Operations

Knox Park Board members approved two requests about summer concession stand operations when they met Thursday night.

Starke County Youth Baseball and Softball League President Travis Markin was permitted to continue operating out of the concession stand near the basketball court, while Knox City Police Chief Harold Smith received permission to continue running the other existing concession stand.

Park Board members also considered what to do when the new concession stand is built. Continue reading

First Public Hearings Held over Knox Parks 5-Year Master Plan

Despite a fairly small turn out, last night’s public hearing resulted in several notable suggestions for the Knox Parks 5-Year Master Plan. Knox currently has three parks, Wythogan Park, Sandy Acres and Heritage Park and last night it was revealed that a fourth park is being proposed across from Wythogan on U.S. 35.

The public hearing was led by Landscape Architect Mike Reese from the Troyer Group. He explained that the Troyer Group is the firm facilitating the planning process. He said they also helped install the performance stage in Wythogan Park and assisted Starke County with their 5-year master plan. Continue reading

Knox Parks 5-Year Master Plan Public Hearing Tonight

Knox Mayor Dennis Estok will be holding several meetings today as a part of the process for amending and renewing the 5-year Parks Master Plan.

The purpose of today’s meetings is to gather community input about the various concerns and any recommendations that people have about the parks in Knox.

The first meetings will be conducted with stakeholders. Mayor Estok said that at 1:30 p.m. he will meet with Starke County Youth Club representatives. Then starting around 4:30 p.m. representatives from Moving Starke County Forward, the Starke County Chamber of Commerce and the Young Professionals Group will meet with the mayor to discuss individual group concerns.

At 6 p.m. a public hearing will be held at City Hall, where community members can weigh in on what they’d like to see at Wythogan Park, Sandy Acres and Heritage Park. Everyone is encouraged to attend to have their voice heard and their suggestions considered. Continue reading