Bovine Time? April Fools!


This morning, Ted Hayes and Ed Charbonneau announced that legislation was being considered that would change the time in Indiana to “the half hour.” Ostensibly it was to help the dairy industry because with time changes two times a year, milk cows were getting confused and refusing to release their milk.

It was also to help put Indiana on one time. Not “fast” or “slow” but half-fast or half-slow. The proposal would be that on July 1st at 2:00 a.m., everyone would set their clocks on the half hour. And they would never be required to change them again.

Little would it matter that we would always be a half hour faster than Illinois time, or a half hour slower than Michigan or Ohio. We would once and for all be on the same time throughout the state. And we would never have to worry about time changes! No Central or Eastern but Bovine time to placate the dairy farmers.

As Senator Charbonneau said this morning, “Bovine time is needed because time changes cause a mad cow outbreak. It’s not a physical disease, it’s more of a temperament situation. They become mad and refuse to release their milk. Some even dry up.”

It was all in good fun, and if you were one of our listeners who were taken in, we hope you will forgive us. We just hope it was a mooooooving experience for you. Ted does have too much TIME on his hands.