John Brooke and Kimberly Hitchens Combined Trial Begins Friday in Starke Circuit Court

John Brooke
Kimberly Hitchens

The combined trial of Kimberly Hitchens and John Brooke is expected to begin with jury selection on Friday, April 8th at 9:00 a.m. in Starke Circuit Court.

According to court documents, on February 15th, 2010, Starke County officers went to a home at Bass Lake to serve an arrest warrant to Michael Drogosz, who allegedly planned an ambush on police when they served him the warrant. Kimberly Hitchens told police that Drogosz was not at the residence when they appeared. Drogosz was at the residence and in possession of assault rifles and incendiary devices and he did open fire on police with an assault weapon. An accomplice, James Reed, reportedly called John Brooke to come to the residence. He appeared carrying an assault rifle and wearing body armor.

Drogosz, Brooke, and Hitchens, had allegedly agreed to rob two banks in Knox and then flee the area, and maybe even the country.

Brooke is facing seven charges against him. They include: Conspiracy to Commit Armed Robbery, Intimidation, Possession and Manufacturing of a Destructive Device, Possession of a Destructive Device, Resisting Law Enforcement, Unlawful use of Body Armor, and Assisting a Criminal, all felony charges. Hitchens is facing charges of Conspiracy to Commit Armed Robbery, Possession/Manufacturing of a Destructive Device (aiding) and Assisting a Criminal.