West Central School Board Moves Forward with Wind Turbine Project

The West Central School Board has decided to move forward with the wind turbine project.

“In the contract, there will be contingencies as far as whether or not we do proceed, but one of the largest issues had to deal with the insurance and that has been solved at this point in time,” said Superintendent Charles Mellon. “The connection point will be in the contract as a contingency and it is also being worked on at this time. This deals with NIPSCO where we want the connection to be prior to the meter so we can use the electricity ourselves that are generating. We are still waiting on the feed-in tariff regulations to be clarified and approved by the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission.”

The Board will hold a 1028 hearing so the public can view the fee structure and gain more knowledge about the project. Superintendent Mellon hopes that meeting can be held during the next regular School Board meeting on April 28th.