New Electronic Sign Installed at Knox Community Schools

Knox Community School Corporation photo

Visitors to the Knox Community School Corporation will now be greeted by a new electronic sign at Main Street and Redskin Trail. Superintendent Dr. William Reichhart says the base was poured Monday and the sign was put into place on Tuesday. “So we have Busse Electric coming to hook up power, and as soon as we get the power hooked up, the sign will become active,” he says.

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Culver Community Schools Corporation Gets Over $43,000 in Energy Efficiency Rebates

Lighting installation taking place at Culver Community Middle/High School in July

The Culver Community Schools Corporation has gotten a sizable rebate, thanks to its recent LED lighting project. An energy efficiency rebate check was presented during Monday’s school board meeting, according to Superintendent Karen Shuman. “NIPSCO, Lockheed, and Trane were here to present us a check for $43,403.35,” she says.

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Oregon-Davis Parents Suggest Partnering with Businesses to Save Money on Facilities Upgrades

As the Oregon-Davis School Corporation considers potential facilities upgrades, some parents are thinking outside the box, to find ways to keep costs down. During a facilities tour Wednesday, Superintendent Dr. Don Harman noted that the baseball field could use a new press box, as well as some other improvements, while the bleachers at the track need a new foundation to help with drainage issues.

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Knox School Board Considers Potential Locations for New Electronic Message Board

Knox School Superintendent Dr. William Reichhart presents rendering of proposed electronic message board to school board members

The Knox School Board has decided to hold off on the purchase of an electronic message board until firmer plans are in place for a potential building project. During a recent meeting, Superintendent Dr. William Reichhart said possible changes to the corporation’s facilities, including the potential demolition of part of the elementary school, have caused him to rethink the sign’s location.

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North Judson-San Pierre Receives Nearly $130,000 from NIPSCO Rebate

Maintenance Director Wilbur Collins and Kirby Dibert; Photo Source: School Board VP Derrick Stalbaum

The North Judson-San Pierre School Corporation is reaping the financial benefits of some energy-saving projects that were completed in 2017 and 2018.

Kirby Dipert from Lockheed Martin Energy, the company that administers NIPSCO’s energy efficiency programs, presented school officials with a check for $129,943.37 when they met Tuesday night. Continue reading

Pulaski County Officials Update NIPSCO Contact Information to Prevent Gas Shutoff at West Annex

Pulaski County officials had to resolve some confusion over the county’s NIPSCO billing. Coroner John Behny told the county commissioners last week that he recently got a call from a NIPSCO representative with an order to disconnect gas service to the former Winamac Masonic Lodge, now called the West Annex.

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Knox Community School Corporation Gets More than $58,000 in Energy Efficiency Rebates

Kirby Dipert with Lockheed Martin Energy presents energy efficiency rebate check to School Superintendent Dr. William Reichhart

Energy savings upgrades at Knox Community Schools have led to over $58,000 in NIPSCO rebates. Kirby Dipert with Lockheed Martin Energy, which administers NIPSCO’s energy efficiency programs, presented a check during Tuesday’s school board meeting.

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