Baugh Construction Erects New Dugouts at Wythogan Park

Park Superintendent George Byer, Rodger Weigel, and Jed Baugh

The Knox community is encouraged to give Baugh Construction a big thank you as the owner brought a crew down to Wythogan Park and erected two new dugouts on field number two, at no cost to the Park Board or the City.

Ted Hayes was there Friday afternoon to talk with the owner, Jed Baugh.

“Our kids are in baseball and my oldest boy was probably in it for seven years and somebody said they needed dugouts so we figured we would do them,” said Baugh. “The dugouts are cement block dugouts. We poured a concrete pad to set them on and we’re building benches on the inside. The roof will be trimmed out with cedar trim with a steel pole barn metal on top.”

Baugh Construction’s main focus in the past few years has been siding and exterior work, but as Jed told Ted his crew will tackle just about everything in the construction line.  Jeff Sample donated the metal for the roof.

If you’d like to thank Jed and the crew you can call them at 772-6808.