News from the Winamac Town Board

Entrance to the Winamac Town Park

The Winamac Town Board heard from Park Superintendent, Don Thompson, about damage done to the park due to flooding and vandalism.

He reported that the park was under water again this year when the Tippecanoe River swelled and drifted into the park. The Pulaski County Extension Office had removed items from the 4-H buildings to avoid further water damage. Beaver damage was also reported during the flood. Thompson also told the Board that several unknown person(s) caused damage to the playground equipment during a so-called party at the park. Glass was broken around the equipment and clean-up was extensive.

The Board also heard from Sewer and Water Superintendent, Kevin Roe, who informed the members that they are picking up brush and leaves as they can, but they are not picking up grass.

Roe said that a water tower inspection was completed and the outside of the structure needs to be painted. The interior of the water tower was painted last year and the exterior painting has been scheduled for next year.