Summer School Underway at Ancilla College

Monday we told you about the Triathlon on the campus of Ancilla College. While on the campus, Ted Hayes had a chance to talk with Dr. Ron May, the President of Ancilla, and asked him about graduation and summer school.

“We had more than one hundred graduates that participated and had a great ceremony and a great speaker,” said Dr. May. “One of our graduates, Mary Szymusiak, Class of 1995, did a great job. We’re into summer school already. It’s up and running and we’ll do our first session here and end it toward the end of June and then start up with a second summer term and keep right on moving.”

“We are working on a whole range of things. We’re looking at some new programs. We’ve started a couple of new programs in cooperation with Calumet College of Saint Joseph. Students can now get a Baccalaureate degrees on our campus through Calumet in Business and in Criminal Justice. We hope in the fall of 2012 to add a couple of programs to that. I can’t say just yet what those are, but we’re working on a couple of them so that we will have at least four Baccalaureate degrees available to people here on campus.”