Attorney Status Hearing Set for Hobart Givens

Hobart Givens, Jr.

An attorney status hearing is scheduled in the Starke Circuit Court this afternoon for Hobart Givens, Jr., 21, of Knox. Givens is charged with one count of Stalking, a Class D Felony, and Possession of Marijuana after being apprehended by police following a complaint.

On June 13th, police received a complaint from a resident who said that their 11-year old daughter was harassed by a male subject driving an older maroon Ford Taurus with lightning bolts on both sides. The girl told police that she had been walking her dog on Potter Street when the subject pulled up next to her and asked her how old she was. When she didn’t respond, he asked her if she needed a ride, at which point she immediately picked up her dog and ran home. When police arrived on scene, the victim was “very scared and upset.”

The victim’s mother told police that the suspect’s vehicle drove past her residence after the victim had returned home, and at that point her father left and began following the vehicle, calling police as he went. When an officer arrived and stopped the vehicle, they apprehended Givens and performed a search of the vehicle with a K-9 unit which indicated the presence of drugs in the vehicle. After a search, officers located a small amount of marijuana.

Givens was placed into custody and transported to the Starke County Jail. When questioned, Givens said that he pulled up alongside the female, asked her if she needed a ride, and drove off after she shook her head no. Givens denied making any other comments to the victim. When presented with a photo lineup that included a photo of Givens, she immediately identified him as the man who harassed her.

Givens’ attorney status hearing is this afternoon at 3:00pm in the Starke Circuit Court.