Knox Resident Arrested on Cocaine Charges

Gerald Boyd

Gerald Boyd, of Knox, was arrested on Saturday on cocaine related charges.

A Knox City Police officer was out on routine patrol when he saw Gerald Boyd. The officer ran his information and found he had a valid warrant for his arrest through Starke Circuit Court. When officers conducted a pat-down, the officer noticed something in a small pocket near his waist. Boyd then turned to run from police. As he turned, the officer grabbed the small pocket and ripped it open. Something reportedly fell out of the pocket. Boyd was apprehended and taken to the Starke County Jail. Police found seven small bags that had come out of his pocket and a straw, according to the report. Inside the baggies was a white powdery substance that field tested positive for cocaine.

Boyd has preliminary charges of Dealing in Cocaine, Possession of Cocaine, Resisting Law Enforcement and an active arrest warrant.