Knox School Board Approves Textbook Fees

The Knox Community School Board approved textbook rental fees for the upcoming school year. Superintendent, A.J. Gappa said the prices have decreased at the Elementary School. The lowest textbook price is $70 at the third grade level and the highest price is $99 at the fifth grade level.

“And the difference is because of the cost of the textbooks and supplies that each grade level receives,” said Gappa. “In comparison to last year, book rental fees are slightly down. The main reason for that is that the State has dropped cursive writing as a required standard. Even though we are still going to teach cursive writing as part of the curriculum and instruction that is given by the teachers, we didn’t find it necessary to buy a consumable workbook that went with each grade level.”

There will be an added fee for Middle School students.

“Sixth grade is $109.34, seventh grade $112.13 and eighth grade is $103.97. Each of those prices includes a $60 technology fee for the laptop computers that the students will be receiving.”

Textbook prices for High School students will be assessed per class in which the student is enrolled. High School students will also pay a $60 technology fee.

Here is the breakdown of all textbook rental prices:
Kindergarten: $81.13
1st Grade: $92.07
2nd Grade: $77.37
3rd Grade: $70.39
4th Grade: $76.09
5th Grade: $74.08
6th Grade: $109.34
7th Grade: $112.13
8th Grade: $103.97