Thom Morin Comes Before Knox City Council to Request Handicapped Parking Spaces

Thom Morin

Thom Morin, who has been before the Knox City Council before to request more handicapped parking spaces, was before them again last week.

Since Mr. Morin has presented a proposed document spelling out ADA rules, the City has added a space on Main Street by the tracks, another on the north end of Main Street near Lake, one in the alley by the Community Center, and two on the east side of the Community Center. The Mayor announced that he is working on one handicapped parking spot by the Courthouse.

Morin is now pushing for handicapped parking and reserved spaces in residential neighborhoods in the City.

He would also like the City Police to enforce ADA requirements for businesses.

After a lengthy discussion, the matter was tabled until a future meeting. It was suggested the Council and the Mayor schedule a work session with Mr. Morin.