Provisional Ballots Counted in Starke County Clerk’s Office

Republican Donna Henry increased her victory margin to six in the North Judson Municipal Election for Clerk-Treasurer today. The provisional votes were inspected and of the four votes examined, two were approved and two were rejected. The two votes for Henry gave her a 223-217 victory over Connie Miller, the Democrat Incumbent.

Also picking up two votes was Tim Cummins, Republican, for the Town Council Ward 3 race. His new vote total is 278. The vote total for his opponent, Democrat Daniel Anderson, stayed the same at 162.

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Meet the Candidates for Knox City Council District 1

Knox City Council President Ed Blue will be stepping down from his council seat at the end of the year. Republican Thom Morin and Democrat Donald Kring are vying for the District 1 seat in the November 8th election.

Republican Morin was asked why he decided to run for the position.

“When you love a city and you see the things that you don’t feel are right, you want to do something,” said Morin. “We have a growing drug problem in the City of Knox and there are so many other areas of the city that need to be fixed and need attention. We have a growing senior citizen population in this city so we need to be able to address those issues. That’s why I’m running for City Council because I feel that’s where I can help and be a value to my community.”

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Knox City Council Candidate Blasts Opponent for Campaigning at Pancake Breakfast

Thom Morin

The Knox City Council meeting began last night with a heated exchange initiated by Republican City Council candidate, Thom Morin. Morin charged impropriety in his opponent being able to campaign at the Knox Center-Township Volunteer Fire Department annual pancake breakfast Sunday morning.

Donald Kring, the Democrat candidate, said following the meeting that he only did what has traditionally been done at community events in the past when he placed campaign material on the tables. He said he asked for permission before the breakfast began and was informed that all candidates could avail themselves of the opportunity if they so desired.

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Restroom Facilites Requested at Sandy Acres Park

Thom Morin

Thom Morin, who claims to be conducting a one man crusade to open up more areas for the handicapped in Knox, was back before the Knox City Council this week to point out the need for special restroom accommodations at Sandy Acres Park on the south edge of the city. Morin said a handicapped porta-potty would cost only a little more than installing a regular one at the park. He also would like to see a handicapped designated parking area at the same location.

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Thom Morin Comes Before Knox City Council to Request Handicapped Parking Spaces

Thom Morin

Thom Morin, who has been before the Knox City Council before to request more handicapped parking spaces, was before them again last week.

Since Mr. Morin has presented a proposed document spelling out ADA rules, the City has added a space on Main Street by the tracks, another on the north end of Main Street near Lake, one in the alley by the Community Center, and two on the east side of the Community Center. The Mayor announced that he is working on one handicapped parking spot by the Courthouse.

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Last Day to File for Knox Municipal Election is Thursday

Thursday at 12:00 p.m. CT is the deadline for the Knox municipal election sign-up.

Any office that does not have a candidate that was selected in the Primary Election can be filled. So far, only Thom Morin has signed up to fill a position on the ballot. He has signed as a Republican for the General Election. Morin will oppose Don Kring for the City Council seat that is currently held by President Ed Blue who is not running for re-election.

Thom Morin Outlines Handicapped Parking Plan to Knox City Council Members

Thom Morin presents his handicapped parking plan to the Knox City Council

Thomas Morin recently appeared before the Knox City Council and the Starke County Commissioners with a detailed 22 page document that lays out a handicapped parking plan for city and residential parking.

In his presentation, Morin explained to the Knox City Council what he wanted for the downtown Knox business district.

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