Concert Attendee Describes Grisly Scene at State Fair

Dianne Semento is comforted during the memorial service for the victims of the disaster at the state fair.

Memorial services were held yesterday at the Indiana State Fairgrounds for those who lost their lives or were injured in the tragic event Saturday night at the Sugarland concert. Among those at the memorial was Dianne Semento of Kouts who was there to honor the memory of one of her best friends, Tammy Vandam of Wanatah. Vandam was one of five people who lost their lives. She leaves behind a 17-year-old South Central student, Courtney Vandam.

Yesterday, Tom Berg spoke with a person who attended the concert. Nicki Frazier was leaving the concert when the stage collapsed.

“We had gotten up to leave because we knew it was going to rain, but we heard the stage collapse and we just saw everybody running and screaming and yelling,” Frazier said.

Although she and her husband Bill did not see the stage came down, she heard it.

“We heard it. We were still in the stadium and heard everything fall but we didn’t actually witness it. I actually thought there was a tornado coming. It was just chaos, everybody was running and screaming and yelling and just trying to get out of the way. People were frantic on their cell phones, looking for family members or friends that they had gone to the concert with,” said Frazier.

Ted Hayes joined Tom on the air and asked Nicki how close to the stage their seats were.

“We were the sixth row in the stands,” said Frazier.

Frazier was asked if there was any warning before the storm hit.

“No, one of the radio stations employees came out and said if the weather got bad, everybody would be moved to the coliseum, and that’s actually when we were getting up from our seats. It wasn’t even windy at that point, and by the time I had gotten down the steps to the front of the stadium, the wind was just blowing and there was trash blowing and the dirt was blowing. You couldn’t keep your eyes open long enough to see anything because the dirt was so bad,” said Frazier.