Grand Marshals Chosen for Hamlet Yellowstone Trail Fest

Robert and Susan Rowles have been selected as the Grand Marshals for the Hamlet Yellowstone Trail Fest parade this weekend.

Robert has lived in Hamlet since he was 2 years old. Growing up in Hamlet he was very busy; in his lifetime he has worked at his stepfather’s car dealership and the Thompson Smith Company. He also served in several positions with the county, and was a Hamlet Town Board member for 12 years.

Susan, as you may remember hearing, recently retired from the Oregon-Davis School System after serving for 47 years. In her honor, the corporation named the board room after her.

On August 15th Robert and Susan celebrated their 61st wedding anniversary.

The pair will be featured in the parade at 3:00 p.m. on Sunday, August 21st. The Yellowstone Trail Fest is a three day affair that begins Friday August 19th and goes through the 21st. The activities are held at the Hamlet Fair Grounds.