Pulaski County YMCA to Host River Float Event

The Pulaski County YMCA is hosting its first ever large Tippecanoe River float event. The float will launch from Haschel Bridge at 10 a.m. on Saturday, Sept. 10.

“This is a free event to anyone who would like to participate. Our goal is just to have a fun day where families can come out and do something together as a group,” said Cara Dulin of the YMCA.

There is currently no record for largest float down the river, and the YMCA hopes to change that. Each year they hope to break the previous year’s record, and with a free cookout and a discounted price on rentals thanks to Riverside Rentals, that is a distinct possibility.

“We just thought it would be a fun day for everyone if we ended at the town park and we had a cookout for everyone. That would give kids to play at the playground, there’s the volleyball court, the basketball court. Just to get people out and get them moving and spending time together,” said Dulin.

Volunteers will be present at the launch site to help regulate traffic and help people launch. The free cookout is also provided by volunteers, and there will be transportation provided from the ending location back to the launch site, so participants don’t have to worry about walking back to their vehicles. Dulin said she is looking forward to the event and thinks it will be a great time for family and friends alike.

“I’m most excited that this is an event that everyone can participate in. There is no criteria that would make you really great or you know maybe not good at this event. This is just something for entire families, whether you’re adults, children, everyone can come out together. Bring your friends, neighbors, and just participate together. And just have a good time at no cost,” Dulin said.