Bella Vita Pledge Walk Gathers $6,300

Bella Vita

The recent Bella Vita pledge walk at Wythogan Park in Knox helped raise $6,385 for the new pregnancy resource center located on Heaton Street.

Rhonda Adcock, President of the organization talked to us about the day.

“We had a really good cross section of our community there,” said Adcock. “We were able to get 88 walkers and we had about 120 people in attendance with all of our helpers and our board members and everyone that was there. We had a great financial turnout and we were able to have the Mayor come and be our Marshall for the walk.”

“Many of our clients brought their babies so there were a lot of strollers in the walk. We had testimonials from girls who had come just wanting support not knowing what to do and they found the help they needed at Bella Vita. We had our first success story of a mom who was not sure whether to keep her child and through the support that was offered at Bella Vita, she was able to make that choice. We are available at any time to help whoever needs us.”

For information on services call Bella Vita Pregnancy Resource Center at 772-2877.