Humphreys Cemetery Discussed at Recent Knox City Council Meeting

Humphries Cemetery

Center Township Trustee Julie Manns came before the Knox City Council recently to discuss the Humphreys Cemetery. Humphreys’ family members, including local resident Marilyn Folkers, are wanting to put a fence around the small cemetery, but to this point nobody knows the exact boundary lines.

Only 15 graves are in the cemetery that is overlooking Wythogan Park. Many think it’s the oldest cemetery in Starke County with grave markings going back to 1852.

Of the 15 graves, all but two are members of the Humphreys family. The last burial was Dow Humphreys back in 1940.

A monument is being prepared for placement off the walking trail in Wythogan Park giving people a way to get to the cemetery. The only other entrance would be through private property in Parkview Heights.