Ivy Tech Classes Could Return to Winamac High School

Industry isn’t the only thing in Pulaski County with a positive outlook; education may also be receiving a shot in the arm thanks to Ivy Tech Kokomo. Through their Logansport campus, Ivy Tech had previously conducted classes at the Winamac High School for some time, but they ran into a snag. The administrative support staff could only be at the school until the guidance offices closed at 4:00 p.m. This caused a number of issues, particularly since the classes took place at night when no support staff was present.

Ivy Tech stopped offering classes at the Winamac High School because of this complication, but Nathan Origer, Director of the Pulaski County Community Development Foundation, is hopeful they’ll soon return. After taking Kevin Bostic, Vice-Chancellor and Campus Dean at the Logansport campus, to several locations in Winamac to discuss prices, parking, size, and other details, he’s got his fingers crossed. Bostic is expected to discuss the options with his chancellor, and if all goes well, these classes may start again soon at Winamac High School.