Eastern Pulaski School Board Selects Additional Projects to Tackle with Leftover Renovation Funds


The Eastern Pulaski School Corporation may soon be upgrading its parking lots and cafeteria facilities, with funds left over from its recent renovation project. School board members and administrators have been putting together a list of improvements they’d like to see with the remaining $1.6 million. The school board met Tuesday to narrow down that list and decide which projects will move ahead. Continue reading

Turnout Excellent at NIPSCO Open House Held in Winamac

The second round of open houses held by NIPSCO is underway, aimed at informing the public and garnering their input on the proposed routes for the Reynolds-Topeka Electric System Improvement project. The project entails the construction of a 100-mile electric transmission line from Reynolds to Burr Oak to Topeka, and because the proposed routes pass over privately owned properties, the open houses are being held to get input from the public.

Kathleen Szot, communications manager for NIPSCO, explained that the open houses have been very beneficial.

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Area Proms Prompt Law Enforcement to Step up DUI Patrols

With area schools holding their proms and post-prom events within the next month, local law enforcement departments are stepping up DUI patrols throughout their communities. Police will saturate areas around each prom and post-prom site in an effort to cut down on potential alcohol and drug use, with a zero-tolerance policy toward the possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages. In addition, those who provide alcohol to minors will be targeted and jailed.

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Winamac High School Raises Over $2000 For Peyton Manning Children Hospital

Winamac Community High School

Monday was an emotional day at Winamac High School as the entire student body saw the impact their support had on those they sought to help. Karen Butler, the student council advisor, sophomore sponsor, and sophomore English teacher at the high school, organized a penny war fundraiser between the high school classes with the help of the 36-member student council. The goal of the fundraiser was to raise as much money as possible toward the Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital at St. Vincent in honor of second-grader Aiden Spoor, the grandson of a teacher at Winamac High School.

Aiden was diagnosed last year with leukemia, and shortly thereafter, he began seeking treatment through the hospital. Earlier this year, Aiden’s grandmother Mary Plummer – a teacher at the high school – asked Butler if she would be interested in holding a fundraiser to raise some money toward the programs helping Aiden, and Butler agreed. From Oct. 1 to Oct. 5, five-gallon water jugs were put in each grade sponsor’s room, and students competed to raise the most money in pennies to score points, or the students could go on the offensive and drop silver change in their opponent’s jugs to reduce their points.

Within five days, the combined student body raised $2439.08 in change – a shocking amount, Butler said.

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Eastern Pulaski School Board Discusses Harmony Program

Dr. Robert Klitzman
Dr. Robert Klitzman

Winamac High School Principal Rick DeFries discussed the Harmony program with the Eastern Pulaski School Board. Superintendent Dr. Robert Klitzman commented that it’s a great way for parents to keep track of how their child is doing in school.

“Harmony has a lot of information for parents,” said Klitzman. “If they can get on the internet, they can actually get into a teacher’s grade book and see their child’s scores, grades, absences and discipline. Harmony is a great feature. Parents can get in there and keep track, on a daily basis, of what their children may be doing.”

Winamac High School Alumni Offers Scholarship

Applications are currently being accepted for the first annual Winamac High School/Winamac Community High School Alumni Association scholarship worth $250.

The scholarship will be awarded to a Winamac High School senior who is planning to attend a post-secondary school or college. One scholarship will be awarded during the alumni banquet on June 16th at the Church of the Heartland in Winamac.

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From the WKVI Archives

Basketball was a lot different in the 1930’s. Scores were lower, the two-handed set shot, and underhand free throw toss was in, and players 6′ 4″ or over were considered giants.

70 years ago today, the 1932 Winamac High School team went to the one class state basketball tournament before bowing out in the final game to New Castle 24-17.

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Intoxicated San Pierre Man Arrested at Winamac High School

Craig Madsen

A San Pierre man was arrested Tuesday after police found him to be intoxicated and in possession of prescription medication while at the Winamac boys basketball Sectional tournament.

A student approached Pulaski County Sheriff’s deputies at the high school and told them that a man was in the stands threatening students and he smelled of alcohol. Police lead Craig Madsen into a hallway and asked him if he had been drinking. He denied drinking alcohol and became argumentative. Police administered several sobriety tests and found him to be under the influence. He consented to a Portable Breath Test which reportedly registered .085 BAC. Madsen was told he was under arrest for Public Intoxication.

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Driver’s Education Class to Cease at Winamac High School

This is the last year that an instructor from Eastern Pulaski Schools will be teaching a Driver’s Education course during the regular school day. Superintendent Dr. Robert Klitzman said this was a planned move on the school board’s part.

“This was decided a couple of years ago to phase it out,” explained Dr. Klitzman. “Driver’s Ed teacher, Mr. Nick Tribby, has already signed up with an outside company and is in fact teaching Driver’s Ed in the evenings and after school. Another one of our teachers, Mr. Casey Hines, has signed up. It will not be through Winamac High School. It will be through this new company that does this, but there will still be those opportunities for the driver’s training program.

Ivy Tech Classes Could Return to Winamac High School

Industry isn’t the only thing in Pulaski County with a positive outlook; education may also be receiving a shot in the arm thanks to Ivy Tech Kokomo. Through their Logansport campus, Ivy Tech had previously conducted classes at the Winamac High School for some time, but they ran into a snag. The administrative support staff could only be at the school until the guidance offices closed at 4:00 p.m. This caused a number of issues, particularly since the classes took place at night when no support staff was present.

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