Culver EMS Building in Need of Repair

The EMS building in Culver will soon be under repairs on the eastern side of the building. EMS Director Chuck Dilts told WKVI that the drain pipe running underneath the east side of the building was found to be leaking and as a result, the drain pipe as well as a concrete wall and sidewalk above it need to be replaced.

When the drain pipe started leaking, which is estimated to have been anywhere from six months to a year ago, the water seeped into the concrete wall and sidewalk. That water later froze, causing the concrete to crack.

However, there is a silver lining to this request: replacing the sidewalk would allow the approach to be widened to meet ADA requirements.

A quote from Moore Concrete for $,1757 was accepted by the town council, and Dilts plans to get this started as soon as possible.

“My intent is to contact the contractor within the next week and see what his schedule is to get it fixed,” said Dilts