Knox City Council Candidate Blasts Opponent for Campaigning at Pancake Breakfast

Thom Morin

The Knox City Council meeting began last night with a heated exchange initiated by Republican City Council candidate, Thom Morin. Morin charged impropriety in his opponent being able to campaign at the Knox Center-Township Volunteer Fire Department annual pancake breakfast Sunday morning.

Donald Kring, the Democrat candidate, said following the meeting that he only did what has traditionally been done at community events in the past when he placed campaign material on the tables. He said he asked for permission before the breakfast began and was informed that all candidates could avail themselves of the opportunity if they so desired.

Morin, who was not in attendance, said he should have been notified that campaigning was going to be allowed at the event.

He then demanded that Kring be charged rent for the fire station where the breakfast was held, saying at one point, “He probably owes $485.00 for campaigning in a city owned building.”

Morin was finally told that the City Attorney would look into the matter if he made a request in a written complaint. At that point, Mayor Rick Chambers, matching the decibel level of Morin, ended the presentation by saying, “This is over, sit down.”

Morin said he has contacted the State Election Board to find out if the fire department was within its legal rights in allowing the campaigning.