Knox City Park Crews Stay Busy in October

Clarence Marshall and George Byer

Just because it’s October doesn’t mean the Knox City Park crew is idle. Park Superintendent, George Byer, and his assistant, Clarence Marshall, have been working on playground equipment. Maybe your children would enjoy the refurbished spring loaded animal ride on the east side of the park. It’s been refurbished to make it ADA acceptable. One piece of equipment, the handle bars, had to be custom made.

“Jason Bridegroom came forward and he found some out of the Indianapolis area and bought them,” said Byer. “We welded them and they slid on the handles and they look great.”

The piece of equipment is 35 years old and is cast iron. If you purchased a piece of that equipment today it would be out of the park board’s budget.

Another piece of equipment their working on now is the old train. When it’s finished, children will be able to pretend they’re train engineers.

“The front end of it fell off and it was upside down. We decided to try to make a locomotive engine out of it. Also, we came up with a top for it. Now, we’re trying to make a pair of seats so kids can climb in there and sit on a seat and drive a train down the road.”

If you have a picture of your child from by-gone days, George and his staff would like to see it to be able to bring the train engine back to the original state. If you have a picture drop it off at the WKVI studios and we’ll see that George gets it.