Post-Graduation Report Given to Eastern Pulaski School Board

The Eastern Pulaski School Board learned this week that only 4% of the 2011 Winamac High School graduating class are not in some type of post secondary training, or working at a job.

Superintendent Dr. Robert Kltizman said the figures were compiled by Kate Daily, and is an annual report given to the administrators to see if they are successful in getting the students ready for life after high school.

“To me, the job of our school corporation, specifically of our high school, is to get our students in a position where they’re ready to go to the next level to take it to the next step in their education,” said Dr. Klitzman.

73% of the class is in some sort of secondary training while 23% are gainfully employed.

Klitzman offered the opinion that even those who went right to a job will be back in the classroom sometime in their lifetime.

“I would venture a guess that in the next three to five years, those students that are not actively engaged in post secondary training will be so in some fashion. What they’re going to find out is that in this day and age and economic climate, additional training is essential to get into the position they want to be in.”