Wythogan Park to Stay Open until Winter Weather Arrives

Wythogan Park

With cooler weather in the air, many people have wondered when Wythogan Park in Knox would be closed.

WKVI News posed that question to George Byer, the Park Superintendent, last week.

“The way things have been going and the way the weather is, we usually do it on a year-to-year basis,” said Byer. “The way it looks, with the Indian Summer that we’ve had here the past week, we’re going to keep the park open until we’re forced to by Mother Nature and the snow. It’ll be open until it gets cold enough to where the water lines may freeze.”

Many people have wondered about the walking trails that they walk on daily.

“This year we will keep the walkway open all the way through the winter. We got a new plow for the Gator and we got a new roof for it so I’m enclosed and everything will be nice and warm to where we’ll keep the walkway open.”