Roy Bell Accused of being the Shooter in Upsall Shooting

Roy Bell

The question now is who pulled the trigger in the slaying of Wilma Upsall of Leiters Ford? That’s a question investigators are trying to determine and according to some news sources, the finger is pointing at Roy Bell of Rochester.

WSBT-TV reported yesterday that court documents point to Bell as the shooter of Wilma Upsall when she was tied to a chair. She was shot multiple times.  The court documents, according to the WSBT report, said one of the accused, Jason Miller, of Plymouth, told investigators that he and William Scroggs, of Delong, were outside when they heard the shots and that Bell told them later that Upsall had seen his face.

All three appeared in Fulton Superior Court yesterday, facing five charges apiece, including three counts of murder. All three asked for public defenders. Judge Wayne Steele set two more court dates for them, a pre-trial hearing for January 10th and a jury trial for April 3rd. Because of the seriousness of the crime, no bond has been set for any of the suspects who are locked up in the Fulton County Jail.

If the motive for the shooting proves correct, the gruesome slaying is looking more and more like a bungled home invasion that went tragically wrong, leaving a defenseless woman to die for apparently no reason other than a thought that she could identify the shooter.