Sewer Separation Project in Winamac Nearly Complete

Winamac Town Hall

The sewer separation project is nearing an end in the Town of Winamac.

Clerk-Treasurer Judy Heater told us that three-quarters of the paving is done and all streets affected with the project should be finished today. The Town’s fall paving schedule was combined with the project’s paving schedule so more could be done and the work is being handled by E&B Paving and Central Paving. Heater said the businesses have been very cooperative during this long process.

Some piping is being completed by the Isis Theatre in downtown Winamac and that project should be closed soon.

The Winamac Town Board also held a Public Hearing on two condemned homes. One is located on Monticello Street and the other on Burson. One property owner did not reply to the notice and the other homeowner is protesting the order. The issue will go back to the Building Inspector on how to proceed. The properties will be razed at some point.